Victoria's Journey to Healing at Aster Springs

Victoria’s Journey to Healing at Aster Springs

Victoria is smiling at the camera as she hold a sunflower.

Before entering treatment at Aster Springs, Victoria’s life was unmanageable; it felt like everything was falling apart. She had been in treatment before, but this last relapse left her empty. Emotionally, she was a shell of a person, unable to feel joy or excitement and stuck in a dark pit of despair. Her relationships were suffering, and many of them ended altogether.

Her ability to take care of herself, much less her daughter, dwindled until it was almost nonexistent. Victoria had a job but was hardly present for the kids she cared for in the clinic at a local middle school. Her health took a hit, her body was ready to give up at any moment, her life was in ruins, and she was hopeless. She wanted to throw in the towel. 

The Cry for Help

Then something, or more like someone, told her that her life was worth fighting for, and she decided to listen. Victoria sought help from Aster Springs because as much as her depressed brain disagreed, she knew deep down she wanted to live. She wanted to see what life could be like without living in the shadows of an eating disorder. Although the thought of it was terrifying, the process of coming to Aster Springs was easier than she expected. “Maybe that was because I was finally choosing to get help as opposed to being forced into it,” Victoria reflected. 

Victoria knows her willingness to attend treatment was crucial, but she also feels that Tayler Bowen, an admissions coordinator, was also a vital part of the process. Tayler who made her feel very cared for and validated from the first time the two spoke. She answered all of Victoria’s questions and heard every one of her concerns. Tayler assured her that she was doing the right thing and that she was worth fighting for. 

Victoria was afraid of what was to come but found comfort in Tayler’s words, reminding her that things would be okay. Tayler texted or called her every day from her initial intake until admission day, and she knew she would be in good hands. The people in her life were so relieved that she decided to get the life-saving care she needed, and she was, too, even if she didn’t know how to admit that yet.

Committing to the Process

Victoria’s stay at Aster Springs was painful, beautiful, messy, and exactly what it needed to be. She told us, “I’m pretty sure she cried more tears during this stay in treatment than I have in every other moment of my life combined.” She broke down and felt very back and forth. She fought the process one moment and was entirely committed the next. She wanted to leave and almost did, but knew she would be walking away from a real chance to be happy. And in every moment of darkness, in every glimmer of hope, she was loved through it all. 

This treatment stay was the most brutal one she has ever been through because she was finally ready to face the problems head-on, and she couldn’t have been in a better place to do so. She will never be able to say thank you enough to every single staff member of Aster Springs. “You all have proven to me that I am not too much or too hard to love,” Victoria told us.

Reflecting on Her Stay

During the earliest days of her stay, Victoria believed that Aster Springs saved her life. However, she realized over time that, in reality, the staff compassionately provided her with the tools she needed to do the hard work and save her life for herself.  “No matter where life takes me, or how hard things get, I will always have those tools and that is such a gift,” she expressed. 

Aster Springs was a cornerstone of healing for her at a time when she was entrenched in pain and shame. Aster Springs was a beacon of light when she was surrounded by darkness on all sides. Aster Springs was an anchor of hope when she was being tossed into a sea of hopelessness. Aster Springs was exactly where she needed to be and she is forever grateful to have walked through the doors.

Moving Forward as an Alumni

To Victoria, to be an alumni of Aster Springs is to be loved. Thanks to the amazing staff and many clients she had the pleasure to meet, she knows will never have to wonder a day in her life whether she is cared for. As an alumni of Aster Springs, she knows she has the strength to weather any storm life may throw her way because she made it through the hardest one already. 

To be an alumni of Aster Springs means she will always have people in her corner, cheering her on. And as an alumni of Aster Springs, she plans to carry this message of hope and healing forward to anyone else who may be struggling. Help is out there. It is real. It is possible. And it starts at Aster Springs.


If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, remember that you’re not alone. Recovery is possible, and Aster Springs is here to help guide you on your journey towards healing and self-discovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future by reaching out to us today. Your path to recovery starts here. Don’t wait any longer – find a facility near you, take action now, and reclaim your life.

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