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How We Treat

At Aster Springs, our staff works with clients and their families to create individualized comprehensive care plans that meet each client’s psychological, medical, nutritional, spiritual, and relational needs. We offer evidence-based treatment programs for adults and adolescents of all genders, ages 12 and older (may vary by location), who struggle with feeding or eating disorders. The eating disorder treatment therapies we offer include:

Why Treatment is Important Video

Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare’s AVP of Clinical Services, Kate Fisch, LCSW, discusses why eating disorder treatment is important.

Why Eating Disorder Treatment Is Important

According to research, eating disorders have the second highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Eating disorders are only second behind opioid abuse. Additionally, approximately 28.8 million Americans will struggle with an eating disorder in their lifetime, which is more than 9% of Americans. In other words, almost 1 in 10 people in the U.S. will struggle with an eating disorder in their lifetime. And 10,000 people die in the U.S. each year from an eating disorder, which equates to one death every 52 minutes. 

Eating disorders are complicated and develop from a variety of factors. These include biological factors like genetic abnormalities, psychological factors like low self-esteem or trauma history, and from social-environmental factors like the negative effects of social media. Since eating disorders are complicated, they require specific treatment delivered by professionals with specialized training.  At Aster Springs, each client is treated by a treatment team, which includes a mental health therapist, expressive arts therapists, a registered dietitian, and medical providers who monitor each client’s health throughout the recovery process. All our clinicians are trained to provide a whole-person approach to treatment; an approach that addresses both the physical and mental issues needed for recovery. We explore the issues and experiences related to eating disorders and challenge the thoughts and behaviors that prevent individuals from living their life fully.

We’re committed to helping clients achieve freedom from their eating disorders, and we know that recovery is possible with the right treatment program. Find the location nearest you to start you or your loved one’s journey to recovery.
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Kate Fisch, LCSW

Kate Fisch is the AVP of Clinical Services for Odyssey’s Eating Disorder Network. With 17 years of clinical leadership and direct client care experience in the eating disorders field, she has a history of innovation, clinical training, and resource development in a variety of eating disorder treatment settings supporting families, clients, and clinicians.
If you’re ready to take the next step in the eating disorder recovery process for you or your loved one, the compassionate team at Aster Springs is here to help.