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Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia nervosa is a serious mental health disorder that requires comprehensive treatment at a bulimia treatment center. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edition (DSM-5), the following symptoms are present in most diagnosed cases:
Bulimia nervosa’s impact on health can be significant. However, recovery is possible, especially at a bulimia treatment center like Aster Springs that offers bulimia therapy.

Overview of Bulimia Nervosa

Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare’s AVP of Clinical Services, Kate Fisch, LCSW, discusses bulimia nervosa and how Aster Springs approaches treatment.

Signs and Symptoms of Bulimia

Although signs vary by individual, bulimia symptoms can include the following:

Health Consequences of Bulimia

As the condition worsens, bulimia symptoms can eventually become more severe, especially if an individual doesn’t get treatment at a bulimia treatment center. Bulimia nervosa’s impact on health can include:

Our Individualized Bulimia Treatment

Our highly skilled and experienced clinicians at our bulimia rehab center in Richmond, VA work closely with each client to create an individualized treatment plan for bulimia nervosa to ensure the best chance at recovery. Clients play a vital role in helping to set realistic treatment goals that will address the underlying issues of their bulimia eating disorder.

Bulimia Therapy At Aster Springs

At our bulimia treatment center, we offer various treatment plans for bulimia nervosa based on each client’s needs. How to treat bulimia nervosa depends on several factors including any co-occurring mental health disorder diagnoses. Our evidence-based bulimia therapy modalities include:

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Kate Fisch, LCSW

Kate Fisch is the AVP of Clinical Services for Odyssey’s Eating Disorder Network. With 17 years of clinical leadership and direct client care experience in the eating disorders field, she has a history of innovation, clinical training, and resource development in a variety of eating disorder treatment settings supporting families, clients, and clinicians.
If you’d like to learn more about our bulimia rehab center, the compassionate team at Aster Springs is here to help.